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Additional Rider (up to 4 pax): You can now choose to name up to four riders in your motorcycle coverage, saving time and more money for you.


Good Premium: No additional charges or premium on Sport Bikes.


Repair Option: Pick your own workshop to perform the repair works or choose from our appointed motorcycle panel workshop.

we cover just what you need. no more, no less


Motorcycle Insurance

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Plan & CoverageComprehensiveThird party, fire and theftThird party
Loss or damage to your vehicle from accidental causes (up to market value at the time of loss or damage)
Loss or damage by fire or theft (up to market value at the time of loss or damage)
Damage to third party property (up to S$500,000)
Death or injury to third party (unlimited)
Towing service (up to S$50)
Vehicle repairs at your chosen workshop
Policy excess as shown on the Schedule or Certificate of Insurance applies for each and every accident claim
The above is a summary of coverage and does not constitute the full details fo the policy terms and conditions.


Q:Do I need to pay excess for my own damage claim?

Yes. Excess is payable for your own damage claims according to the terms and conditions of your

Q:What happens if my car was driven by an unnamed driver and meet with an accident?

For an unamed driver, an additional excess applies. This amount is stated on your Certificate of
Insurance / Schedule in the policy.

Q:How is the market value of the car determined?

The market value (at the time of loss) is determined by looking at the recent transactions for the
same model and age of vehicle. These transacted values are reported in various publications, such
as newspaper, car magazines, motoring guides and information from car dealers.

Q:Can I purchase the No Claim Discount ( NCD ) Protector and how does this protector works?

Yes, this protector can be purchased provided you have a No Claim Discount of 50%. It protects
your NCD following an accident. However, this NCD protector is:
a) not transferable to another Insurance Company. In the event that your Policy is cancelled after a
claim, the normal NCD reduction shall apply.
b) not applicable to any accident involving the loss of NCD as a result of non-accident reporting or
late accident reporting as set out in the terms, conditions and exceptions of the Policy.

Q:How do I reduce my renewal premium?

You can increase your buy up excess to reduce your premium.

Q: If I am making a third party claim, do I have to pay for the repair cost first?

Yes, you will have to pay the repair cost when you collect the vehicle. However, private
arrangements can be discussed between the car owner and the workshop.
Our workshops can assist you in making third party claims if they repair your vehicle and the
accident is clearly not caused by you or your insured driver.

Q:What should I do if I am involved in a motor accident in Malaysia?

You have to lodge a police report in Malaysia and have the vehicle towed back to Singapore for
It may take a longer time to arrange for a tow service from Malaysia depending on the location of
the accident. The nearest Malaysian towing service provider in the area will tow the vehicle to the
Causeway and handover the vehicle to the Singapore towing service.

Q:What should I do when I receive a traffic summons or Writ of Summons?

You must notify Insurer or contact Ensure immediately upon receiving such documents. Any delay
on your part may make it more difficult to handle the claim.
As the facts of an accident will be different from case to case we will need to evaluate each case on
its own merits and handle the claims accordingly by the claims department.