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24-Hour Home Emergency Assistance Service with reimbursement for selected service


Worldwide Family Personal liability extends to cover Property Owner’s Liability


Reimbursement for Home Cleaning Expenses following an Infectious Disease Outbreak at home


Tenants Liability covered


we cover just what you need. no more, no less


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TOP Features
Basic Benefits
Solution A

Homeowners & Landlords

Solution B

Tenants Only

Solution C

Landlord Only

Building, Renovations, fixture & fittings$80,000.00$120,000.00$200,000.00N.AFlexible your choice
Contents$20,000.00$40,000.00$60,000.00Flexible your choiceN.A
Worldwide Family Personal Liability$750,000.00$750,000.00$750,000.00
Personal Accident within the Insured Dwelling (for adult)$20,000 each$20,000 each$20,000 each
24hrs Emergency Home Assistance ServiceUp to $100 reimbursement per eventUp to $100 reimbursement per eventUp to $100 reimbursement per event
Pet Dog Cover$500.00$500.00$500.00
For FREE extension benefits, you may review brochure for more details.


The above is a summary of coverage and does not constitute the full details fo the policy terms and conditions.



Allied World Home Protector 360

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Allied World Protector 360
TOP FeaturesLimits
Section 1: BuildingPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3
BuildingUp to $100,000Up to $150,000Up to $300,000
Loss of Rent / Reasonable Alternative AccommodationUp to $10,000Up to $15,000Up to $30,000
Removal of DebrisUp to $10,000Up to $15,000Up to $30,000
Architects’ or Surveyors’ FeesUp to $10,000Up to $15,000Up to $30,000
Section 2 – Home Contents
ContentsUp to $30,000Up to $45,000Up to $90,000
Domestic Employee’s PropertyCoveredCoveredCovered
Personal Effects/Valuables (S$3,500 per item)Up to $15,000Up to $25,000Up to $45,000
Personal Portable Electronic DevicesUp to $200Up to $300Up to $600

The above is a summary of coverage and does not constitute the full details fo the policy terms and conditions.


Allied World Home Basic

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AW Home Protector Basic
TOP FeaturesLimits
Section 1 – Building or Renovation
a) Building
b) Renovationsas stated in the Schedule
Loss or Rent / Reasonable Alternative Accommodation10% of SI max $10,000
Architects’ or Surveyors’ Fees10% of SI max $10,000
Removal of Debris5% of SI max $5,000
Emergency Entry due to EmergencyUp to $750
Cash Relief if home is rendered uninhabitable > 5daysUp to $750
Accidental Breakage of Fixed GlassUp to $500
Section 2 – Home Contents
(Valuables not exceeding 1/3 of Contents SI; Valuables $2,500 per article/pair/set)as stated in the Schedule
Domestic Employee’s PropertyCovered
Replacement of Personal DocumentsUp to $300
Replacement of Keys, Locks and Security SystemUp to $750
Theft of Money from break-inUp to $500
Contents stored at Professional storage service provider.Up to $3,000

he above is a summary of coverage and does not constitute the full details fo the policy terms and conditions.


Q:How do I know how much to insure my property?

For buildings cover, our basis of settlement shall be the cost of reinstatement of the building destroyed or damaged. Sum insured should be at all times be maintained at no less than the full cost of replacement without depreciation for wear and tear.

Q: If I have a HDB policy, do I need to buy separate home insurance coverage?

Your HDB fire policy covers for the building structure only. You may consider taking up cover for your renovation, fittings and its contents, if you require more comprehensive coverage.

Q: I am a tenant. What coverage can I take up?

As a tenant, you can take up insurance for your own belongings in the house.

Q:What are the consequences of under-insurance?

At the time of the loss, if the sum insured is lower than 85% for Building and/or Renovation / Improvements and the sum insured is less than 100% for Contents and/or Valuables, the amount payable for such claim shall be proportionately reduced.

Q:I have purchased some new items, how do I arrange for them to be covered?

Contact us and we will arrange for cover with payment of additional premium.

Q:Are my laptop and personal computers covered?

Yes, they can be covered under your contents.

Q:How do I decide on the sum insured for building and contents?

For Building, the sum insured should represent the cost of rebuilding. You can engage professional advice from a qualified surveyor. For Contents, the sum insured should represent the cost of replacing the same item when new.

Q:What is this Free Look Benefit? Will I be entitled to premium refund if I need to cancel the policy?

Enjoy 14 days ‘Free Look’** from the day you receive your insurance policy. If the policy is not suitable for you, you can arrange to cancel your policy within this period and receive full refund on the payment made, no questions asked! Beyond the ‘Free Look’ period, we will refund you the balance premium after deducting our customary short-term premium or minimum premium provided no claim has been made under the policy.

**This is not applicable to renewals